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I have a sigma SW9VE, I saw it at gander mountain for $200 pre owned. Figured it would make a good truck gun, or something, whatever, for the price, I wanted it.

After taking it home and taking it apart I could tell it wasn't fired much. I was overall happy about it and shot 200 blazer FMJs through it the next day. Wasn't happy with the trigger after that so I did some research and took the trigger pig spring out while I was cleaning it. The next weekend I shot a 250 round Remington gold box through it and didn't have any complaints about the trigger this time. Didn't have a single problem with jams or FTE with either trip.

I haven't shot it again as I'm having too much fun with a SR9c, but for the prices I've seen them at(279 new), I think the sigma is a great starter.

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