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Yep browninghunter - it sucks.

For example, I can buy 8 lb kegs of H335 from Powder Valley for $135, plus the $27.50 hazmat and about $10 shipping. Comes out to $172.50 or so. My local shop wants $170. They were asking $42/k for Winchester primers - I just picked up 10k wolf small rifle primers for $23/1k and that is including hazmat (free shipping).

Sorry bud, that isn't happening. I'll save up and wait and put in a larger order and spread that hazmat and shipping out (or wait until they have solid sales or good offers going) over several items and save myself some money, not to mention the time it takes to go to the shop and back.

If they dropped their price to even $150 a keg, odds are I'd just buy there. But not at the prices they want. I really would much rather support local small business, but there comes a breaking point where I cannot justify it anymore and have to go elsewhere.
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