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TURNS OUT THE SCOPE WAS DEFECTIVE- Lol had to go back. I just had an ORDEAL lol.

I worked on it and could not get it bore sighted. My laser boresighter is a cheap one so I took it into Dick'sSportingGoods to have them "help"... I figured even if they didn't know what they were doing, I do, and I could just say, here man lemme use your stuff I'll do it.

NOW I SUSPECTED I had received an "open box" because something was off about the package I received- like someone else had opened it first and returned it and I got it next. I can't specify what was wrong just I felt it. Sure enough the guy at Dick's was like, dude I am not even CLOSE... I have turned it as far right as I can, you're still WAAAY left... and we have both checked your mounts as good, rings good, moved the scope around a little, this ain't even We had to return it.

Only the 5-20x44mm were all sold out on Dick's website. The manager offered to split the difference on the 6-24x50mm Nikoplex (rather than BDC) reticle.... AS WE ARE DOING THE ORDER ONline, someone orders the ONLY 6-24x50mm model ... SOLD OUT... no scopes for me!!!

It tooks hours for them to finally find a scope they could special order for me, I'm pretty sure they just bought one from someone else and are having it delivered to them for me lol. But hey, they really took care of me , they Hooked me up with a huge discounted price and then a few gift cards (They *REALLY* took care of me in the end).

So I will have to wait about a week or two for a new one to come in and I will have to go back and see if we can't mount and bore sight the new one.
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