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I'm a big .32 fan (both long and H&R mag) but never really saw a need for the .327. It's so much a niche round. The long and H&R mag are perhaps the best small game and woods bummin cartridges devised to date. With proper loads they leave the rimfires in the dust from cottontail to coyote. Seriously, if you're looking for a kit type gun or small game handgun than forget the rimfires and get a .32. There is no doubt that if my current .32H&R had better sights (workin on fixin that BTW) that my rimfires would never see the woods. The Mag also makes a fair SD round. So what was gained by the .327? For field use pretty much nothing and for SD 1 more round.

If looking for a small revolver for nothing but CC and SD than a .327 is worth a look. Ya get your 6 and good ballistics. But beyond that it has very little attraction compared to the competition and in reality what's the current market share for snub revolvers? Right or wrong it's not a very big piece of the pie and even smaller for one in .327.

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