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Man, I thought I got techinical, but you guys have me blown out of the water.

Then again, none of the rifles I shoot have tight enough tolerances that some of items discussed here would honestly make a difference.

I used to neck size, but had an issue with some brass not wanting to chamber smoothly. Went back to FL resizing, but with a shoulder bump.

Shoulder bump - .003" back from measured chamber (measured 10 fired cases from the rifle - all cooled - and averaged out to get a chamber dimension.

Brass OAL/Trim Length - .001" short of chamber using a chamber plug to measure actual chamber dimension. Surprisingly, my trim length is significantly different than book lengths (all longer by several thousands to hundredths).

Neck turn every case as well to eliminate any issue of canted rounds once chambered.

Granted, I have never taken any of my rifles to get the actions trued - which if you are going deep into some of the items discussed, you better ensure you have a true/square action or everything is pretty much for naught. I enjoy reloading and have noticed significant improvements in groups with doing just the items above.

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