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Originally Posted by BarryLee
While I do not necessarily disagree if I understood the original article and the VA process there is no hearing involved. From what I understand if a person has a fiduciary set up to assist with their finances they automatically are denied the right to buy a firearm. If they don’t like the decision they then have to appeal to have their rights restored.

So, if I read this correctly a Veteran who has trouble focusing on detail and asks that their parents be allowed to handle their affairs automatically loses their right to buy a firearm.
What you describe is more like a SSDI designated payee or a limited power of attorney than a finding of incompetence. I agree that a voluntary delegation (which itself would not be possible for an incompetent individual) like a POA isn't even remotely like a finding of incompetence at hearing. It isn't even an admission that someone else must handle that individual's affairs.

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