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Dan Wesson, fixed sights, 4" barrel.

The target on the top is 125 gr UMC ,357 mag. I held at 6 0'clock on the bullseye at 15 yards.

The target on the bottom is 158 gr Magtech .357 mag. I had to hold at 6 o'clock near the bottom of the paper to keep the group near the center of the target otherwise I would have been over the top of the paper.

Try it and see, your gun will tell you what load it prefers. I used my 158 gr loads for deer hunting because I am in and around the center of an 8 inch diameter 100 yard bullseye with a center hold on the target. Under 50 yards I need to shoot way low or shoot 125 grain. 357 or 38 spcl, makes no difference, the lighter bullet will shoot lower.
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