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If you start reloading load a light match load for your 45, put in a lighter recoil spring if you have to. Many of us old timers just use 4.6 gr of bullseye behind a lead bullet RN or SWC and it makes us look better than we are but there are other powders and loadsm pick one and go for it.

If you don;t have them then get Snap Caps and do a serious amount of dry fire with the 45. Do most of your live fire bullseye practice with the 22. If and when you can start shooting expert with that gun your 45 will soon follow.

Blank piece of paper, black ink pen. Make a 1" horizontal line in the middle of the paper. Then a 1" vertical line making a cross. Put the paper on your wall at shoulder height. Load your snap cap, get in your normal shooting position, find your natural point of aim then shift your feet around till you have the muzzle 1/2" away from the paper. DO NOT lean forward or backwards or turn at the waist to shift position.

The top of your front sight goes on the horizontal line the vertical line is centered. Think of your front sight being attached to your trigger as a single steel bar and when you pull the trigger back you are drawing the front sight back through the notch of the rear sight. Any grab, heel, palming, jerking, anticipation or forcing the shot in anyway will show up like a 7.5 earthquake on a seismograph. Your sight and the cross will depart company big time. When you complete 10 perfect shots that session is done, put the gun away and go do something to relax.

It's the way we did it a hundred yeas ago give or take a couple of decades and I haven't seen any better methods yet.
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