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I have no problem with LSWC or LSWCHP. I just like to see more velocity. Even in my snubbies I use magnum loads. Like about 1000 fps as a velocity floor, even with my 44 loads.

Lots of men and animals have been killed by the 158 grain LRN. Back in the day, before a lot was known about bullet performance. People bought a box of .38 Special LRN, loaded their revolvers and shot what they needed to. If one shot didn't do it, they shot it again.
Nate, I do not know where you get your information and this is not the first time you posted about the LRN. The 38 LRN was know as the "Widowmaker" in LE circles for decades, not because it worked so well, but because it did not and the cops that shot the BG's were then killed. A gunshot may be very fatal but yet not stop the attack. I do not care how lethal it is or is not, but I want the attack STOPPED. The 38 special LRN is a dismal performer, even worse than a target WC at 700 fps. It was kept in service, not because it worked, but because it was politically unfeasible for many departments to use magnums.
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