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It further angers me when you consider that a guy from my platoon decided to end his life and had been to the VA to specifically seek counseling only to get the government run around.
Bingo! My best friend was in the same situation and ended with the same result.

I must have been extremely lucky. When I went to the VA for PTSD, my initial interview with the nurse to get my information, I needed my roommate to sit in with me and tell the nurse just how bad I was with drinking, lack of sleep, anger, etc (I had no idea it was that bad). When I sat down with my therapist for the first time, she asked me if I owned any guns. I said yes (I didn't think much of it at the time). She asked if it would be ok if a family member holds onto them while I go through therapy. That was that. I gave my guns to my mom to hold and about half way through my therapy, she told me to retrieve my guns if I felt comfortable enough (I was comfortable enough from the beginning). I don't know why she was so calm about it (maybe she thought I was cute ) but if I were to ever go back I would not tell them anything about my guns.

Let me say this about PTSD. EVERY member of the Armed Forces who has been on patrols or seen a little bit of action, has PTSD on some level. If you can honestly say that you can go from living in America, go to a hostel zone, conduct patrols, get in firefights, or even searching for IEDs and snipers, and come back to America and not change even a little bit, something else is wrong. No sane person can be exposed to hostilities like that and not be changed. Now there are different levels and some people can control that change better than others, but if the VA really wanted to, they could find a way to say every Service Member coming back from deployment has PTSD. IMO anyway.

For those out there who honestly think government run health care is the way to go, talk to some vets, and look at the fine job the VA does.
Now for my bad experience with the VA. I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I didn't go through dental after my deployment, so the VA paid for it. They wanted me to wait 5 months for an appointment to have my teeth pulled while going under because apparently they were that booked with appointments. Ummm hello, I'm here because I'm in pain now and need them pulled now, what makes you think I could wait 5 months without damage to my other teeth? Instead I chose to have them pulled while I was awake a week later (I was in that much pain). After the surgery, I waited for 4 hours for my painkillers to be prescribed. The novacane (?) wore off before I got my pills. So yes Government Healthcare sucks.
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