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The basis of whether a shooting is legal or not isn't based on whether or not the person who was shot was armed. It's whether a reasonable person (the jurors are usually made to put themselves in the shoes of the shooter) would believe that the actions were justified. If Mr. Fish feared for his life (and read what happened, as you admitted you didn't) and believed his life was in danger, his actions were justified.
You failed to look at the date of this case; it was before the SYG laws where enacted. So you seem to want to hang on this so let’s look at it, here is a guy walking down a trail and another man is walking towards him with 3 unleashed dogs.
we can assume that it is a state or federal park in which dogs are supposed to be leashed. with that in mind I can hear the conversation...YOUR dogs are supposed to be leashed... screw you and mind your own bee wax.... what did you say?.... screw off....I am going to report you....O yea....bam,bam...

Now under federal law you’re not supposed to carry a gun on federal land (that’s changed but not at the time of the shooting)

How many times have we heard of someone knowing they have a gun and being aggressive when they normally wouldn’t? There are a lot of dead spots in this case because there is only one witness. The gun was mention but no mods are mentioned and Mr. Fish was a gun enthusiast (read that) so I am sure like the rest of us he did something to the gun

Sounds like Mr fish went into this with somewhat dirty hands and it just got worse

Let's not forget that there are almost ZERO experts that recommend modding the trigger on a carry gun
no they don't because they don't know you and your ability’s. if this is the case then custom guns would be safe queens because heaven forbid you should have to use it in a SD situation. I have a gun digest book wrote by Massad Ayoob and in there he mentions that a lot of pistol shooter on the IPSC use there every day carry guns in the competitions and I am sure they have mods and they carry them for SD, they don’t seem to worry about it

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