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Questiong for AR Experts

Let me first state, I have never been and AR guy. My go to rifle is a DSA 16 FAL Para, and though I love the gun, it and especially the ammo are heavy and it is not possible to carry a lot of it. I have been thinking I might want a smaller, lighter weapon in .223 or 6.8 SPC to add to my collection for emergency situations. Also, something firing a smaller round for urban situations, like 55 grain TAP, with a much lower risk of over penetration.

I have been looking at building an AR. From what I have read, the lower has little impact on the reliability and accuracy of the weapon, if decent parts are used. Accuracy and Reliability are influenced by the bolt carrier group and the barrel and chamber. Is this information accurate?

If so, is it possible to build an AR, with a basic lower and a basic upper with a Bravo Company/Daniels bolt carrier and barrel that would rival the reliability and accuracy of top of the line weapons, such as Colt, DD, or BCM? I looked at just buying an upper from one of those companies, but they are expensive. Would a PSA upper with a updated bolt carrier group give good results, or are their other parts which would also need to be changed?

Bottom line, is it possible to build a very accurate and reliable AR rivaling at top tier AR for a lot less money?
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