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Preface: I own & carry polymer. The first firearm I fell in love with was a CZ 75B. While being relatively new to firearms, I went from zero to sixty-- I have fired everything from 1911s to Glocks to large frame revolvers to .22LR plinkers. I now work in the business, and handle a variety of firearms on a daily basis.

In short:
1) The Walther PPQ is my favorite handgun-- not that I own. Rather, it is my favorite, period.

2) If I could only own a single handgun, it would be a Ruger SR9c. Second choice: S&W M&P 9c. I believe that the double stack, cut-down duty style pistols provide the best mix of capacity (accepting full size mags), performance, concealability, etc. They can be deep-conceal options, nightstand guns, range toys, or OWB carried 'SHTF' sidearms.

3) I have heard it said that 'Glocks have no soul', and I have one real quibble with that: NO polymer handgun has the same kind of 'personality' as a 1911, BHP, etc. My PPQ is a joy to shoot, but I don't have emotional attachment to MY PPQ. I could buy another one, and carry on without blinking. This would not be true of a nice 1911, or CZ, for myself or many others.

4) The best 'heirloom guns', 'barbecue guns', etc are steel.

5) For duty purposes, carrying OWB with a true gun belt, I feel that the advantage of polymer is diminished. While my PPQ would be my first choice (in fact, I currently OC it at work on a daily basis), my next choices would probably be CZ 75B, Sig 226R, etc.

6) while I'm a sucker for triggers, and rave about the PPQ, Caracal, M&P (with APEX!), SR9/40, and XD (with Springer Precision job) triggers... Even a sub-$500 RIA 1911a1 trigger blows them away, right out of the box.

7) while my two 'must have' handguns are the ones I have now... If I were to have a choice to pass to my kids, I would get a CZ 75BD with ivory grips, and a trigger job, and say, "keep this in the family forever".

These are my opinions. I recognize, acknowledge, and accept that they don't matter to anyone else, beyond conversational value.

I enjoyed reading that. Agreed with a lot of it too. Thanks for the write up.
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