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Need my pigs back for the Holidays!

Hi there! Got a question for ya on getting some hogs back for a bit of fun. A few months ago my inlaws started complaining about the hogs tearing up their property. It's 20 acres of flat pasture with cows and horses. I was doing a fair job of baiting and shooting 1 here and there, but was trying to not run them off until after Christmas which is the time both my son-in-laws will be itching to hunt them. BUT, wouldn't ya know it... I caught the lead sow of 1 of 2 known sounders in the trap 1 day, and 2 days later, caught 3 of her younguns in the same trap! Not my plans, as I was looking for a particular boar in that trap, but pigs never follow plans, now do they! Naturally, this has run all but a couple of random late night boars away. We don't keep the same hours. I just found out, a neighbor to this property has suddenly had pigs on HER place within the last couple of weeks. Hmmm...

So, I need to bait them back for the Holidays... This other property is 200 yards from my nearest location I can place a feeder which will be a "no-shoot" zone and 700 yards from the feeder they were hitting before. Keep in mind any baiting has to be done around cows and I already fenced the 1 feeder mentioned. What would your plans be based on the bit of info I tossed out there? Should it matter, this is an hour south of Houston, 20+ acres of flatland next to thick woods. Lots of distraction, as in, oil refinery, 4 lane highway, beer joints, etc, all within cussin' range so noise and distractions don't apply quite as stringent as it might for many of you. Largest on trail cam is likely barely 200 pounds, or, 24 inches at the shoulder. Just FYI. Oh, and don't tell my inlaws I'm trying to get pigs to show back up on their place! They think I'm doing a helluva job.
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