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The start-up capital mentioned is a little over the top unless you plan to build a building.

You'll need inventory, for sure, but even if you had 200 guns that average $1000 each, that's $200,000. Even if you doubled that, which would be EXTRAORDINARY, in my experience, you'd be at $400,000. Another $100,000 in other inventory, which would again be extraordinary amounts, and you'd be at $500,000. Ordinary costs are never going to add to anything close to another $500,000, no where near $1,000,000 total.

Forming the company, insurance costs, lease, bookkeeping/accounting (PAY someone to do this!), etc, etc, several thousands, no doubt, no where near $1,000,000 total.

In the real world, I doubt you have $100,000 total inventory to start and you could certainly get started as a home-based dealer with no more than a few $1,000 total invested.
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