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Originally Posted by Mike Irwin
The only way to know for sure exactly what it is is to get a letter from S&W. That will tell you the configuration in which that serial number left the factory.
Yes, I should have included the above information in my post. Its the only way to really know. Sometimes if you call S&W, their historian Mr. Roy Jinks, will look your serial number up and give you the rudimentary information. A letter is better though, not to say its not enjoyable talking to Roy Jinks, he's a very knowledgeable and affable man.

It your case though, owning a revolver that was special ordered and relatively few of produced, it would be worth it to posses the factory letter. Not only will it be nice to have, it will enhance your pistols value, beyond the expense of the letter.

S&W Letter of Authenticity Request Form
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