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Do holsters absolutely need retention straps?

Mine does...I carry a 642 OWB and I prefer the pouch to be form fitted but not will never pass the "upside-down n shake" I use a retention strap...and I like it.
That test has always mystified me...I pocket carry. I am too heavy for anyone to pick me up, turn me upside down and shake me. No one has ever done that to me...although I am sure that is a frequent occurrence; other wise there would not be so many people concerned with that test.

My holsters do not need retention straps...If I should fall down and the gun drop out, I would just pick it up and put it back in my pocket holster. Which is a Bianchi, very inexpensive, only about 20 bucks, but an excellent rough-out, stiff leather pocket holster. One of the few real bargains in holsters I have seen.
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