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However, it does raise the issue/question of are women (in general) more likely to actually resort to 'pulling the trigger' due to their physical limitations vis-a-vis their male counterparts?
It is off topic but...

It's unclear to me exactly what you're pointing at. Do you mean that some women may feel more threatened by a male attacker due to the usually greater upper body strength of men and so may be more inclined to shoot in self defense? I don't know how that could be tracked. But a small woman could look more justified in shooting in self defense in some circumstances if attacked in the eyes of a DA or jury.

As you know not all women are smaller or weaker then all men, neither physically nor mentally, so again, hard to generalize.

In general women get in less shooting incidents then men, meaning that "in general" they are overall less likely to "pull the trigger". They also place themselves in fewer situations where anyone is inclined to be shot. This could be changing a little.

There is no way of tracking accurately what It looks like you raised. It happens seldom, there are many factors involved, and anyone who shoots a fella in self defense better say "I feared for my life".

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