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To which I answer: Why do you carry at all, then?

If you carry because you just feel like it, then fine. You have that right. It's great to be an American, and I mean that.

But if you carry in order to be able to protect yourself, why do you do that, if you are so careful and safe?

Is it, perhaps, because criminals can find us even in nice neighborhoods? If that is the case, then is it not also possible that the first time you become aware of the criminal's intentions, he may have already attacked you?

We'd all like to think that we are more aware than that, 24/7. Most people aren't as aware as they'd like to think.

So, once again, you might want to consider that you could take nasty falls, etc, as a result of the actions of others.
I always carry when I leave home, or outside on my "estate" (five and one-half acres in the country). However, my carry method when leaving my estate is always pocket carry, which of course does not have a strap. My "life-style" is that of an older "hermit". I very rarely leave home, and then only when I have to... groceries, doctor visits. If I were younger and interacted with people (other people are the threat after all) more, I might consider IWB or on the belt carry. At this stage in a hermit's life, in the pocket (I wear suspenders, never a belt),makes more sense to me. The "fall" I might take would likely be the result of infirmity, not aggressive action. With my pocket gun, however, I am always prepared for human aggressive action. The amount of time I am in contact with people is infrequent enough that I can remain on high-alert the whole time. Another aspect of my carrying that is likely unique to my stubbornness and a general lack of fear of death (going to die in a few years anyway), is that I will not surrender my money, no matter how little, or my vehicle to a hijacker. I will risk death to put up a fight even if it is contrary to the general advice given, that " is not worth loosing your life over...". In my stage of life, that advice has less meaning than for a younger person. No one gets my 3.50 cash, or my vehicle without me using my "little friend".
Therefore, using or not using a safety strap is not related to my carrying; it is more academic. I am making holsters as a hobby, and was curious as to the actual need for a safety strap as opposed to the perception based on emotion rather than reality. At this point it seems to me that a safety strap in most cases for a shooter is the latter.
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