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Just to clear it up, we are in fact switching to the HK G36K, not the M4, this was the result of trials conducted by senior personnel. I have been issued the mini 14 for the last 5 years of my service, and I cannot find fault with this rifle. It is soldier proof which is very important, it is simple to operate and strip. Not all soldiers are mechanically inclined, so simplicity is a bonus. I have seen soldiers run up to a sandy firing point drop and fire off a magazine with sand visible on the action with no stoppages. In my opinion, more important than pinpoint accuracy is a weapons ability to go bang when it is needed, you cannot always guarantee that your personal weapon is 100 percent clean. The ruger just works, plain and simple. The accuracy is also more than acceptable, we have marksmen that can do amazing things with these old rifles. The biggest gripe with them is that they are not as sexy as modern battle rifles. Every soldier wants the latest toy, and we are no different. The decision to change to the G36 was made as the regiment is undergoing changes to become more modern, and a new weapon was on the list. That being said, the G36 is an awesome weapon, and although I love my mini I like my new toy too.
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