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First, must get this out of the way first.

Don't blame Costas................blame his microphone
Best. Signature. Ever.

I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, but I have a question for those that refuse to shoot a composite frame firearm.

What do you not like about them?

If it's a feel thing, I can sorta understand that. In many people's hands, composite feels cheap. But beyond that, there really aren't any drawbacks. "Plastic" frames are nearly as durable as steel. "Plastic" frames are lighter. "Plastic" frames have less recoil (it's one reason, with that fat grip, why the LCR doesn't recoil like a J-Frame snubbie).

Tradition maybe? If that's the case, it reminds me of the arguments we used to have on the Photography Forum between film and digital. Film shooters would argue that it's more traditional, and it's harder (meaning more supposed skill to shoot), therefore it's better. My argument would be, if that were the case, then maybe you need to be mixing your own emulsion to spread onto glass plates to put in your 150 year old camera.

Of course, I'm not saying that a Glock is better than a Hi-Power, or anything like that. I'm just curious what the aversion is.
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