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Guess I will just keep looking

for a Ruger 357, sure hope I can find the convertible which is really the one I crave. All 4 of my present handguns are Rugers, 22LR except for my SR9c, love my Single 10. I'm new to handgun as well as shooting, always been a fisherman. But with the present political climate and the fact that there seems to be a shooting just about every day in the nearest town, less than 40K, is why I got into handguns. Thinking of selling my Lite or SR22 to help with the $'s for my 357 and then may get a pocket gun, fixed income. My wife goes to town by herself at least once a week but she does come home before dark, we live in the country so no problems shooting out here. Can't get her to touch a gun, we are both in our late 70's. Oldest daughter is the same but the 2 youngest are getting into handguns with the youngest a member of a range which only allows revolvers for the ladies. Thanks for all the info. Oh by the way 1 LGS does have a new 2" GP100 and a use 3" GP100, may be a better choice. But no 9mm, don't reload. Any good sites for bulk ammo?
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