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BDC or turrets? Get both. Nikons BDC is by far the best. I didn't like the idea of the circles at first till I used them! I can remember bitching about the circles and how I wanted lines.

Get the "fancy" turrets as it's better to have them and not need them. If they're there it's a better chance you'll learn to use them.

Do you need either one? Not at all but if you got them it'll make range day a lot more fun and increase your effectiveness as a hunter. All provided you live somewhere where you can stretch your rifle out.

Power of scope? I go with a 14x minimum. Parallax adjust? Better to have and not need it.

If you don't think you'll ever shoot over let say 300yds or you take your rifle out pop off a couple rounds before hunting season and put it away after till the next year then none of what I mentioned will really help you. Good luck!
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