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The single greatest problem causing the 45ACP's slide to fail closing that last 1/10" as you describe, is the mouth diameter.

Turn the die down whatever it takes to get 0.469 - 0.470 and see if that doesn't solve the problem.
This x 1000

I had what is very similar to your exact same problem a while back on some handloads (switched over from Lee dies to Hornady dies). Turns out I didn't have my crimp set just right and my case mouth was out of spec - not by much, but enough to prevent full battery in my 1911. Aggravating as hell.

A few minutes of measuring found the problem, and along with tweaks to my seating die, I just went the easy way and got me a FCD die. I really suggest that with any semi auto - especially in your case because you don't have a taper crimp die, you have a roll crimp die.

Set your die to produce no crimp at all, then run the rounds through the FCD die (Lee actually makes a pretty solid one, as does Hornady) to give it the final dimensions. I have pumped several thousands of rounds through both brands of factory crimp dies and have never had a problem with them. My problem above resulted from me neglecting that last step.
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