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Years ago I tried shooting my cousins Mini 14 that had a scope on it. I could not hardly find the target with it. Since then I have never tried it again. Of course if I buy the rifle I will try it again but just wondered how much the front site really makes a difference lets say within 100 yard range.
Why not give it another try?

Seriously, if you had a problem seeing the target with the rifle mounted, there were probably a couple of things wrong.

If the scope is not positioned correctly, when you mount the rifle you will see a very small bright spot or perhaps nothing at all.

When you move your head back and forth in line with the stock, you will find a spot where the picture "blooms." That is where your eye relief comes into play. If you do not have that full picture when you hold the rifle, the eye relief is most likely not set correctly.

If you were using a variable power scope with the magnification cranked up, that will cause problems seeing the target as well.

I am betting a little homework on your part with an experienced scope shooter will pay off handsomely.

I like both irons and scopes. You just need a little coaching with the scope and you will like them also.

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