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Glad to hear such good feedback. I've been able to avoid ordering components for the most part, but will finally have to break down and start ordering online as my local shop apparently wants to recover hazmat shipping on each and every item sold. I about fell over when I walked in and saw their pricing - 40% more on 8lb kegs of powder and near double on 1k primers than what I can order through the various websites - and that is including shipping and hazmat.

I figure I'll start saving up and making what amounts to an annual order for powder and primers to maximize savings and spread as much of the shipping and hazmat costs around as possible.

I generally expect a slightly higher price at a local shop, but when that price exceeds the convenience factor by an order of magnitude, time to start looking elsewhere. Sucks, because eventually I know I'm going to lose that local resource. At least my projos are local and very well priced (Friendswood Bullet Company).
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