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Originally Posted by SPEMack618
It scares me that the VA would be charged with this responsibility,...
The text of this story is ambiguous.

If the VA is merely reporting a state court adjudication that an individual is incompetent, then that isn't a problem. These adjucations are made on a case by case basis.

If the VA has an administrative hearing procedure before it diverts one's benefits to a fiduciary, then the quality of the hearing, including the right to counsel, is at issue. This administrative finding would limit transfers from a (FFL) licensee even if it weren't reported by the VA, but I don't see a federal administrative hearing as the equivalent of a legal disability like a state court finding of incompetence. One could still legally purchase from a non-licensee.

If you aren't responsible for your own actions, and have been probated and your driver's license revoked, then the argument for having you retain a weapon seems weak.

If a VA social worker thinks you look a little sad and wants to meddle in your life, that's a different matter, but not what the link describes.

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