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A number of folks have expressed concern about this thread and what the ammo is going for. It's actually not an unusual quantity for practice and training purposes. Don't forget the recent flap about all the non-police U.S. government agencies ordering hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition just for practice and training. As a frame of reference, consider that a single 2700 point conventional pistol match at Camp Perry with just 200 competitors fires 54,000 rounds for record plus alibi rounds in just that one day.

There are a few members of the board with commercial loading experience, but not many. Owing to the aforementioned end-of-year government contracts for ammunition, there is a shortage of some materials currently in the U.S. Metals prices have not helped as the bullet manufacturers are reluctant to place large raw materials orders to make bullet stockpiles with when prices are high and fluctuating. Too much fear of getting stuck with overpriced bullets and materials that have to be sold at a loss.

Sellier & Bellot (Czechoslovakia) and Prvi Partizan (Serbia) both have components for sale and the quality is perfectly satisfactory for military and police type training. Maybe not match quality (though they do make match ammo, too, I'm sure it costs more). Magyar Loszergyarto Kft. in Hungary, or any of the several Russian ammunition factories in Tula, Barnaul, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk and Klimovsk might also be component sources. The South Korean manufacturer that owns PMC is another possibility. I haven't dealt directly with any of these places except email with S&B which was responsive, even if in somewhat broken English. I can tell you the primers made in Tula, Russia are of exceptionally consistent performance quality, though a little harder to seat than some others.
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