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ProMag Saiga 12 Magazines?

Hey all,

So basically my Dad is getting a Saiga 12 for Christmas... He has wanted a shotgun for defense for a while now, but he only wants a semi auto... as a former LEO boss he is big into autoloading, "just pulling the trigger", so he only wants an autoloader... But of course he is cheap too, I show him the nicer autos and hes like, "$1200 DOLLARS?! YOU KIDDING ME??? What's wrong with this $219 Pardner????" Well it's a knockoff... SO????? It's a pump... OH. nevermind...

Lol so the only options I really had was to get him a M930SPX (Which I have already) because I can't afford $1300 for say a Benelli M2 or even $1000-1100+ for a 1187P... (which has a too-big-mag-capacity-for-NJ).

So anyway when I mentioned once how autos work and he said, "Wait, magazine capacity, there is a shotgun with a magazine???" I was like, Magazine, not really, well wait, there is a shotgun with magazines, the Saiga 12... Well he was in love. I mean he was just LOLing, Just think! A Shotgun with changeable magazines!!!! You could defense the home for hours!!! Keep badguys at bay magazine after magazine!

So I bought the Saiga 12 a few weeks ago. Yesterday I ordered about $200-ish worth of ProMag magazines. There is nothing more useless than an unloaded firearm, or in this case, a firearm with changeable magazines Without having magazines... So I bought a bunch. The thing is, on Saiga 12 forum, all the people hate the ProMags. On MidwayUSA, all the comments were extremely favorable- EXCEPT- at least "a few" comments suggested you have to bamboozle each magazine to fit? File them down/cut this remove that etc... Is that true, do i have to hand fit each magazine to the shotgun? Cause that kind of sucks?

And last if anyone has experience with a new Saiga 12, a lot of posts seem to say that the Saiga 12 needs a thorough break in period and after that it might only want to shoot slugs ... now here where I live I dont really shoot any slugs, I keep them of course just in case, but its generally buck shot then birdshot at the range, and buck shot in the gun for defense / etc. I had planned on just doing what I always do to break in a new shotgun: Run a few boxes of 00 Buck first through it, then at least one or two 100rd value packs of 7 1/2 / 8 shot Federal value packs to get it going.... Am I wrong in thinking this would be fine? And am i right thinking blasting 00 Buck through it is just as good as blasting Slugs through it? OR do I really need to run boxes of slugs through it just to get it smoothed out? Thanks if you have any info, much appreciated.
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