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I have a Savage 10 FCP-K. It is an AMAZING rifle - you'll love it.

I went down a similar path. I chose to buy a bunch of Nosler 168gr match rounds, and my plan was to use that brass to reload. I went with them partly on their reputation and partly because they were running a buy 2 boxes, get one free sale.

What I learned in the process is that my rifle has a "tight" chamber - was getting decent pressure signs from those commercial rounds (worked with Nosler on it, etc, etc, etc). In THAT process, I learned that Nosler brass is on the soft side, so basically I only ended up using the Nosler brass for one - two reloads. That tight chamber is also a lesson on why it is so important to work up loads for each individual rifle (or pistol).

I moved to Winchester brass, and haven't looked back. I'm shooting consistent .5 MOA out to 400 meters with 175 Sierra Match Kings under 42.6gr of Varget. It does great at longer ranges too, but I'm not good enough at wind yet (lots of that here). Note that relatively low charge weight... in MY rifle that's getting me 2650 fps (again - that tight chamber!).

If you're looking for precision, yes - group by manufacturer and work up a load for that headstamp. Capacity varies by manufacturer (therefore the same amount of powder in different brass yields different pressure / different velocity).

If you haven't already, check out the forums on Snipershide also for some great information on LR shooting / reloading.

FWIW, on my 10 FCP-k, I"ve got an EGW 20moa base, EGW rings and a Vortex Viper 6-24x50, SFP mil/mil scope.
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