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Since I do not answer the door or the phone and since it has been noted in this thread that someone knocking might be just checking to see if anyone is home before attempting a break in,,,that makes things a whole lot more interesting....

Should I now always answer the door and the phone putting up with the nonsense and hassle of telling the person on the phone or at the door that I am not interested and if they are pushy having to hang up the phone or close the door on them,,,but if they were there just to see if anyone was home before attempting a break in and now seeing that I am home not attempting a break in,,,,

Or should I continue to not answer the phone or the door,,,eliminating all the nonsense and hassle of dealing with people but possibly setting up a potential break in and potential life threatening situation by someone on the phone or at the door who now thinks no one is home and will attempt a break in.

Personally with an alarm system and signs posted outside on every door and window on the house and with a dog and with police and medical only minutes away,,,I will continue to just not answer the phone or the door.
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