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Other than my Gold Cups, all of my Colts have had more slide-to-frame play than the PT1911 I owned.

I could have gone into more detail as to why mine got "bid" away from me. There is an almost intangible about a pistol that is running in such a way that you can "just tell" that it is no where near a malfunction, just running "like a sewing machine" as they say. Sigs thru the 80's used to evoke that kind of feel. This PT had "it", and literally felt better firing than the Colts and Kimbers I would typically range with it. Even the ejection was uncanny - coulda' put a bucket on the first one out and the rest would likely land in it. Was I lucky with the one I had? I have no doubt. Nonetheless, it was a superb shooter that I frankly wish was in my Brommeland today.
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