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Roper, yes he was on the 1988 Australia team.

We had a lot of fun using our Unertl 100mm team scopes at 24X watching the nude girls on Bondi Beach down the hill from the ANZAC rifle range near Sydney. Oh, sorry 'bout that; back to Palma rifles......

Yes, the Aussies won in 1988. No wonder as they changed ammo after the official samples they sent every country in 1987 was used to make chamber reamers for and shot so very well. That ammo they used shot almost as bad in the USA team rifles as the best of the Ruger Palma rifles I mentioned. The USA team new half way through the first practice day that ammo was much hotter and not near as accurate as the ammo our rifles were chambered for. It even had a different headstamp from the arsenal that made it. The USA and other country teams protested but 'twas to no avail. Some of that ammo was brought back, broken down and compared to the 1987 lot sent to us; it had different case weight, bullet diameter, and powder type as well as head-to-ogive length.

Shame on you, Australia. We think you learned how to fudge the rules from your 1983 racing yacht team who cheated to win the America's Cup some years before. Here's stories about it:

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