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When u.s. Planes were grounded in Bermuda on sept11 2001, full of american passengers and the Bermuda regiment provided security I bet they were glad we didn't have paintball guns, or when members of Bermuda's armed forces fought and died in world war 2 alongside british and american troops, I'm pretty sure that airsoft guns wouldn't have cut it there either. Our soldiers train and are qualified at british army institutions such as sandhurst royal military academy, and the school of infantry in wales. Look them up they are the real deal. We are an internal security force, just because we are not fighting an insurgency this does not make us any less professional from other soldiers, and I can guarantee that if the worst happens and there is a proper war Bermudians will once again volunteer to join the fight. Just wanted to educate you and any other person who is in need of a history lesson.

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