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I used to go to a monthly gunshow that is likely the largest in the state. But its a pretty good drive down there, and I haven't gone to it for at least 4 years now. Reason ? Its just not worth it. Prices on guns are too high. Maybe they count on inexperienced newbies with more money than gun sense ? After the last time I went to that show, I told myself its better to not go,and save on gas & time. In the past, I found my best deals at gunshows. Not from the big dealers with multiple tables. Usually from the small 'hobby' type guy with one table and just a few guns. (Also from individuals who brought their gun to a show to sell - - - but this is very rare. Usually they don't have what I'm looking for.) The internet has opened up a big market for buyers & sellers. I'd say the majority of the gunshops I regularly deal with locally, also sell online and have listings on the major gun ad and auction websites. That probably can keep you from getting gouged, but it also makes it tougher to get a screaming deal. People have a better idea of what the market price is.
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