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I understand when something does not work out it can be frustrating.For now,it seemas a scope has not worked out for you.I am not going to argue with your reality.I am going to make some suggestions.If you want iron sights,have some mounted and use them.Most smiths would be happy to do it for you.
Comes down to it though,most folks use a scope.Think about this,if your face,your eye,is not at the right place behind iron sights,right,left,high,low,can you see through them and aim?No.If your eye is not behind the sight in the right place,you wont get a sight picture.

A scope is the same that way.

It is a fit thing.The rifle and scope setup can usually be tuned.Higher or lower rings,movng the scope back or forward,it can be tuned in.Once you get the scope positioned right,if you bring the rifle to your face the same each time,Literally,you should be able to mount the rifle with your eyes closed,open both eyes,and be looking right through the big bright window of your scope.I suggest you try several rifles in the racks of a gun store or friends rifles till you find one that does that for you,so you know what you are looking at,then you just set your rifle/scope up to fit you.
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