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I shot it again and its growing on me. Still 100% reliable with assorted ammo:

Corbon DPX 115
UMC 115
Gold Dot 127 (or is it 124?) +P
Gold Dot 147
Federal Nyclad 147 (best groups by half)
Remington Golden Sabers 127+P
Hornady Critical Defense
some kind of Winchester premium hp

This gun shoots 2" to the right for me. Guy at the gun store said to just use the end of my finger; tried it, awkward still shoots to the right. I don't have this issue with other small guns. What kind of wrench does the rear site use? I've tried assorted allens, no dice.

I love the gun's sexy look and feel. It reminds me of the old Colt/Browning/FN pocket models of a century ago. I don't like it's recoil, seems much more than the PM9.

It looks exactly like this one:

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