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S&W 65-3, Ruger Security Six, or Ruger Speed Six for carry?

I'm looking to get a carry revolver for concealed or occasional open carry here in TN and am having to choose between:

1-S&W 65-3 with a 3" barrel for $500 in Nashville.

2-Ruger Security Six blued 4" barrel with holsters, speedloaders, a trigger job, and a half-bobbed hammer (hammer is still there but 1/3 of it was removed to accommodate competition shooting) for $425 about 1.5 hours' drive away.

3-Ruger Speed Six stainless 4" barrel probably for around the same price as the other two and at least an hour's drive away.

I'd like to keep it to these three revolvers. I have a S&W 629-4 Mountain Gun and a S&W 5906 that are both a bit large for concealed carry and a Chiappa Rhino 200DS (2" barrel D/SA model) that I like but am letting a friend use.

I applied for a carry license yesterday so I have some time to decide. Which one do you guys recommend based on knowledge and experience? Also, any holster recommendations?
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