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dahermit said:

Yes, when I was a kid. However, I have not seen (except for TV), any violent confrontation since my youth. I guess one would have to consider his/her environment. I only go into rural bars during lunch and dinner to get food, do not drink or go anywhere where I am likely to be the victim of a crime such as you describe. So, it would seem that I might not need a retention system as much as someone who was frequently at risk because of life-style or environment.
To which I answer: Why do you carry at all, then?

If you carry because you just feel like it, then fine. You have that right. It's great to be an American, and I mean that.

But if you carry in order to be able to protect yourself, why do you do that, if you are so careful and safe?

Is it, perhaps, because criminals can find us even in nice neighborhoods? If that is the case, then is it not also possible that the first time you become aware of the criminal's intentions, he may have already attacked you?

We'd all like to think that we are more aware than that, 24/7. Most people aren't as aware as they'd like to think.

So, once again, you might want to consider that you could take nasty falls, etc, as a result of the actions of others.
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