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Thanks for the heads up. I truly appreciate it, I did stop in and check with the customs guys a few days ago. I don't know if the regulations have changed between your experiences and now but they said the only thing that would keep me from sending 15 of them home is each firearm has to have four original (not photocopy) handwritten forms filled out and stamped by them (the customs guys) and they wouldn't do all those forms at one time.

I will definitely buy just one and try shipping it solo. A friend here is also interested in getting one and sending it home, regardless if I do or not. I'll pass on what you guys have said and see if he trys still. If he is successful then I'll know I'm golden.

My biggest gripe/problem is being the way I am, I can't buy a gun and not shoot it, which if I don't get a genuine rifle is definitely a problem. I know I'm no supermodel but I don't think getting my face blown off by shooting a copy will help my cause. I'm starting to think the extra few hundred sent to Atlanta Cutlery would be money better spent. . .
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