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Powder Valley is awesome! I have ordered big on some of their old specials (like Ramshot TAC for $79.99 per 8 lb. keg a couple of years ago. Wish I had ordered 4 instead of just 2) Their prices are very good, service is excellent. Back when .224 bullets were hard to come by, I ordered 1000 of the Hornady 50 gr SX bullets, they called me to aologize, having run out after my order was placed, and offered to ship me the standard 50 gr SP instead as they were almost gone, too. I jumped at the chance and am glad I did since I can use those in the AR's my son and I shoot while the SX bullets I had planned on might not have worked. (We picked up our AR's after I ordered the bullets). They are super nice people and do a great job!
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