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M&P 9c Replacing Ruger SR9c

Hello to fellow members, this is my first post here.

I recently sold my 2 month old Ruger SR9c. I had fired about 800 rounds through it, but I never felt comfortable shooting it. It was mostly the non adjustable the trigger had a glock style safe action trigger which protruded just far enough that I did not feel comfortable with the placement of my trigger finger. I was also not fond of the mag disconnect feature and the large loaded chamber indicator. I was able to sell it for nearly the price I bought it for, and I ended up with a M&P 9c without manual thumb safety. Right now I have not shot it yet, but I did my research more extensively this time, and I feel it had the right match of overall weight, mag sizes, adjustable backstraps, length, and price. I considered the Glock Gen4, but those cost about 100 dollars more, and I didn't like the size of the two offerings (Glock 19 and 26) compared to the 9c which fits right in between the two. Thus far, everything feels great except the gritty trigger...which after reading extensively, supposedly goes away with range time.

I will have a range review soon.
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