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About Curriculum (I had too many red bulls this morning)

I am old school - when I attended the instructors training courses and the training developers schools the were teaching the old SAT (systems approach to training) I have since got a M.A.ed (adult education and curriculum development) and use NONE of the new stuff - The SAT is the way to go (IMHO) for tactical trainers

its crawl walk run based and has at its core the the concept of teaching to a standard and measuring success with the proven military

Task / Condition / Standard

the hierarchy of documents (what goes into the file cabinet) is common sense

Reference - Self explanatory
Lesson Plan - word for word write up of the class
Detailed Outline - Anyone can teach off the podium with these
Gross Outline - SME Quick notes to keep on track
POI - list of subcourses
Training aids and visuals - Read that powerpoints these days
Testing Annex (Task Condition and Standards)
Support Annex ( to include how many roles of toilet paper on the range:-)

Its very intuitive because thats the way humans think - you build your courses in reverse - what do you want to teach and to what standard? gross outline >> fill in between for detailed >> write it up

The crawl walk run in MMS is also common sense

1. SAF
2. RAF
3. Speed Reloads
4. Tactical Reloads
5. Rhythm Drills
6. Controlled Pairs
7. Double Taps
8. Immediate Action Drills
9. Facing Left
10. Facing Right
11. Moving Left
12. Moving Right
13. Moving in Depth
14. Weak Hand
15. Off Hand
16. Firing Positions Prone
17. Firing Positions Kneeling
18. Low Wall
19. High Wall
20. Step Arounds
21. Indexing Targets
22. Target Discriminations
23. Percentage Shooting
24. Team Shooting
25. Reactive Shooting

simple to complex

Putting into a training application is as simple as:

Exercise One – SLOW AIMED FIRE (SAF)

Description of the exercise:

This exercise is performed from either the holster or the number three position. The shooting is done slowly with no time constraints on the shooter. This exercise is THE preferred method to evaluate the shooters basic fundamentals and is normally the first step in any shooting program.

The distance used during this exercise (15 – 25 meters) force the student to shoot slowly and to take carefully aimed shots and also opens up the shot group to exaggerate the shooters shot group for use in the shot group evaluation process.

To conduct this exercise – The shooters are lined up behind the 15 – 25 meter line facing the target and utilizing a good shooting stance the commands are:

Shooters: From the 15 [out to 25] meter line.
Starting at position 3 [or from the holster]
On the command of Fire [on the whistle]
Shoot One Round [or slow controlled pairs] (Single Tap)
Into the 25meter bull’s-eye [silhouette]

You will continue to shoot on your own [on the whistle]
For a total of one magazine [15 rounds]

Standard to measure success:

The placement of all rounds into the 8 ring at 15 meters or all rounds into the 6 ring at 25 meters using the standard 25 meter pistol bull is deemed as successful.

Practical Application:

Slow Aimed Fire (SAF) is used whenever an accurate well placed shot outweighs the need for speed. Examples of this are percentage shooting and the vast majority of target shooting (paper punching)

I have literally 100s of exercises in this format I have written over the years. would anyone get bent out of shape if i started posting them here?
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