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There is no pat answer on this subject. It is just like many is a matter of choice. I feel more comfortable with thumb breaks, therefore all of my carry holsters have them. That doesn't make it right for someone else, but it is right for me. If they weren't needed, then nobody would make them.
Not looking for a pat answer. Looking for logical reasons to have one or not. Is the choice one of real need, or feeling safer that the gun will not fall out.
Years ago, when I started making my own holsters, I made a lot of them with thumb-break straps. I felt that my guns were now unlikely to fall from the holster. But now, I realize I never experienced any fall, somersault, attack, attacking-monkeys, etc. where my gun was ever likely to fall. In short, it does not appear that the strap really did anything useful after all. Nevertheless, not wanting to make an incorrect assumption, I thusly requested input from those who may have had different expediences or logic. Could not care less what others choose, only what their logic (if there was any) behind choosing to do so. So, I might actually learn something. If they cannot provide a logical reason, then it is likely that the reason they do so is emotional (feelings not backed by logic). And therefore, nothing to be learned. No one is suggesting that they should. No one is suggesting that they should not. Learning was the whole issue...I learned that (1) Some competitions actually require a retention system...I did not know that previously. (2) If someone carrys on the belt or in the waistband while riding a motorcycle, the gun could become a projectile in the event of a crash...I was not thinking in terms of riding a motorcycle, inasmuch as I carried a handgun in the zipped pocket of my leather jacket when I rode, so it could not become a projectile, but nevertheless, the guy was correct when he posted about using a retention system when riding. I hope now that you understand where I am coming from on this thread.
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