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In my 375 RUM with a 300 gr. Hornady BTSP and 97 gr. of RL-22 I got 2850 - 2900 fps. in a 26" barrel Rem 700 AWR. I only got to fire three shots over the screens so I don't have enough data to give SD / ES, etc. That load in my gun is very accurate. Sierra says I can squeeze 2 more grains in with correct OAL to feed in my gun. BTW, at 97 gr. you are already into compressed loads.

Loaded to the cannelure; I have 3/4" of the bullet down in the brass. If I had a longer action, I would be able to load it out further and add more powder. Then if you add a long throat like a Weatherby you could get away with running it longer. Add another 6"-8" of barrel and even with a 330 gr. bullet you should be in the markers.

RUM brass is $1 a pop, 338 Lapua about $2 and 416 Rigby about $3. All three will be available for some time to come. Even if the 375 RUM was discontinued, you could form it from 300 RUM or 404 Jeff. and turn down the rim.

The RUM family uses standard Magnum bolt faces...the Weatherby, Rigby, Lapua use a less common size.
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