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My PT1911 BROKE its hammer AND its thumb safety in the first 300 rounds. Cheap parts. Based on my personal experience, NO, Taurus is NOT better than others in the same price range, or even less (Rock Island, by reputation).
This proves absolutely nothing. The only gun that has ever broken on me in 52 years of shooting was an STI Ranger II. The barrel link broke after 450 rounds fired and it cost $1300. Parts break it's a fact of life.

I owned two PT1911 blued models, bought them about 1.5 years after they came out. Both shot thru about 3,000 rounds with absolutely no malfunctions and with every brand of ammo I fed them. I've owned Colt, Kimber, STI, and the PT 1911s shot just as well as any of the other brands. They are as good as any others in that price range.
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