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Well....maybe I just wasn't meant to be doin' this! I had such good results 10 years ago, I don't know why I expected things to go smoothly now!

So - I took my test round (no primer or powder) and re-set my crimper die to give me the proper .470" at the case throat. Then I turned in the seating die to give me a 1.230" oal. The test round came out textbook perfect. Feeling confident that all was now hunky-dory, I ran a round through.

Oops! What the h**l are these wrinkles in the case?! Must be a bad case. Try one more. D**n!

The test round is on the left. What appears to be a very slight deformation on the test round is a reflection. What appears to be a deformation on the loaded round is not!

Any hints? (No fair telling me to buy a fishing pole and give up handloading!)

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