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I too have moved away from Midway...

Midway has also fallen out of my graces. Nothing in particular prompted the change, just noticed that prices for both merchandise and shipping seemed to be a bit high.

I have since switched to Natchez Shooting Supply and have been 100% satisfied. Their prices are always very competitive, shipping is what I expect it to be, and they always have good ammo on sale (in handgun calibers anyway). Their customer service is also top notch in my book. About 6 months ago, I ordered 200 rounds of .223. Well, the order arrived and the boxes were marked 5.56, not .223. For AR guys, this wouldnt be an issue, but for someone with only a bolt action .223, this is an issue since you can't shoot 5.56 from a gun only designed for .223 Rem. Now, most places don't allow you to return ammo (and I completely understand why), but when I contacted them and directed them to the page of the website with the ammo I ordered, they realized that the ammo was advertised incorrectly, and they allowed me to return it in exchange for other ammo. Not only that, they threw in 2 extra boxes of ammo for my trouble and paid shipping both ways. A++ in my book.
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