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On the NRA thing we are in complete agreement .

But I dont know of a situation where the above rules need to be violated. We flag shooters all the time to be sure but we strive to minimize the practice, Instead of sweeping the weapon across a team members head we sweep the lower legs sometimes :-)

If I were to stop training everytime this occured it would be a looooong day. But still the premise holds we incorporate the above rules into the program - no good reason not to.

With those rules being applied we still have shooters downrange while shooting is taking place (I teach in front of a hot firing line) prior to going on to CQB the instructors "shoulder" the students targets to ensure that the student is comfortable shooting near his teamates and we set off explosives within a couple arms lengths of the assault teams

All of these actions still are done with the above safety standards in place

And to add - that was what I meant by curriculum versus range saftey rules - there are very few places that allow for this kind of insanity(I think even in the military there are only 4 ranges that allow this) so curriculum is moot at that point.

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