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Ok...not looking for opinions here, Bart. No advise needed. A blind
monkey can tinker with the boss long enough to find the sweet spot. I
get it. Believe me, I'm going to shoot my rifle...quite a bit. I'm
sorry to be so blunt, but after many searches of many forums, the
threads always turn out this way with this topic. Somebody lists a
link to the sweet spot FAQ on browning's website and somebody else
lists a link to the advertisement video. The video is pretty cool,
though. I actually watched all 10 plus mins again today, so thanks for

I was hoping to steer this thread in a different direction, or at
least past this point.

Really, what I am looking for is anybody with any hard data. An answer
to the question in the OP would go something like this..."Hey, fletch.
I have an a bolt with a conventional recoil BOSS in 30-06. I shoot
federal Sierra game kings in 165gr and am getting 0.5 MOA groups with
a BOSS setting of 2.8. It's the best I can get with this round."

I would really like to compile some data for the 30-06 22" barrel to start, but any other calibers/configurations are welcome.

All the best,
Fletcher D

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